Never forget an important event again with myDoogle.

  • Get organized! - Set up reminders for everyday stuff like insurance renewals, subscription resiliation deadlines (and save money) or meetings for you and your familly.
  • Celebrate Life! - Remember birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other important events that make our lives special.

myDoogle service will remind you by email events and other happenings 14 days, 7 days, 3 days and 1 day in advance of each event you record with it. You can add a note to each event that will be sent to you in the reminder email and re-schedule the event for the next time, if you want. myDoogle allows you to specify a second email address so that you can for instance receive reminders both at home and at work.

As this reminder service is not running on your PC, you can get a new one, reinstall Windows,... without worrying about your reminders. myDoogle will take care of them. This service is simple, flexible, reliable, confidential and free...

  • Add a new reminder
  • List of your current reminders
  • Past reminders you can reschedule

Have fun, and be relax with myDoogle reminding you automatically those events!

myDoogle team

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